Painting in above photo:"Awaken" 

Her Story 

Jessica Ann Alfieri was born August 25, 1988 in Southern California. She is the oldest child of five children (three sisters and a brother in the middle). She spent her childhood drawing and exploring endlessly the mystical worlds and creatures she would imagine in her head.

She could always be found with a weathered sketchbook saturated with her illustrations. An image only complete with her pencil box overflowing with the necessary sketching goodies. Drawing was her favorite past-time. For her, art was instinctual. It was effortless. It was transcending to another dimension of living. Art was bliss.

When she was not drawing, she was traveling into her magical imagination through the art of play. She was a mermaid navigating through the depths of the ocean in her local swimming pool. She was a friendly benevolent witch brewing love and peace potions from the most beautiful flowers of her grandmother’s colorful garden. She was a loving protector of the unseen nature fairies as she built them tiny homes from the natural elements of her overgrown backyard. She was a child unconditioned and free to allow her endless imagination to lead the way.

She entered her teenage years and that would all change. She stopped creating her beloved artwork. She stopped playing in her fantasy worlds. She decided she should only focus on her academics and the only play that mattered was her social life. She quickly learned from the world about the harsh tales of how difficult “real life” was. Art was not a sustaining career. Art was a hobby and a distraction…right?

She had mapped out her life: Step 1: College, Step 2: Career, Step 3: Buy a home, and Step 4: Live happily ever-after. Her plan looked good on paper. However, her straight road took an unexpected turn.

Two weeks before her sophomore year of college ended, her life changed forever with a simple conversation with her thoughts on a drive home from class. She began to ponder the reasons why she was in college and why she was working so hard towards her decided career choice. She felt an internal crisis surfacing and countless questions flooded into her mind.

How come she never thought about pursuing any other career? Is that really what she would have chosen if she wasn’t concerned about financially struggling in life? What life would she be living if she wasn’t afraid and free from worry?

She realized for the first time ever she had chosen the “safe route” when deciding her future career out of fear. She thought a financially stable career would give her fulfillment and happiness in her life but she was beginning to realize how wrong she was. She knew in that moment in order for her to be happy, she needed to be living a life that honored who she was and her creative nature. Her soul was being smothered and crying to be set free.

It would take her a few more years of growing and exploring her spirituality before she would discover the courage to finally take that chance on herself. The courage to honor what made her most happy…creating and expressing her inner world through ART. It was the side of her that her inner-child intimately knew and understood all along.

She wanted to give back to this world with all her heart. She knew she had to not only follow a path of passion for herself but to help others who were afraid like she was once. She wanted others to believe in themselves. She believed wholeheartedly that the more people who believed in their dreams and pursued them, the more this world would in return become a more beautiful place to live.

She couldn’t quite explain into words why she felt this way but it added fuel to her fire to make this journey. This is what made her most happy; expressing her soul through art and sharing it with others. She was going to live a life that mirrored her limitless soul.

She didn't know how or what the future held for her but she knew that she had to just go and she would not stop until she got there.